Performance Testing

Performance Testing
for a Global Leader in
Corporate Payment Solutions

About the Client

A global leader in corporate payment systems, representing more than 9 million vehicles and offering exceptional payment security and control across a wide spectrum of business sectors, WEX Inc (NYSE: WEX) serves a global set of customers and partners through its operations around the world, with offices in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, and Singapore.

Business Scenario

WEX Fleet Cards for small businesses are one of the leading fleet cards, accepted at over 90% of all retail fuel locations, plus an additional 45,000 maintenance locations across the United States. These cards are supported by their web and desktop applications through web APIs/services with good user experience. Current business scenario is to identify potential risks and opportunities for improvement towards performance of these applications. There are challenges with the performance of their desktop application which has a rich smart client built on Java Swing technology and communicates with server (share files/database resources) and make calls remotely different with most of the desktop applications in general. There are critical issues with the system performance and not responsive to the various licensed testing tools (HP Load Runner and Performance Center licenses) held by WEX.


Under an onsite engagement, Covalense Global has been involved in performance engineering of both web and desktop applications in WEX development and testing environment. Deploying both performance and functional automation tools using HP Suite (HP Load Runner, HP Performance Center, and HP UFT) and JMeter, Covalense Global has undertaken the feasibility of all protocols using Jacareto, AutoIt T, QTP integration with Load Runner etc to tweak and capturing response time and recommended a JMeter solution for their Desktop automation applications. Various activities undertaken as part of performance testing include:

Undertaken performance assessment by studying the architectural and design artefacts.
Identified critical bottlenecks to be profiled and targeted as part of the engagement.
Undertaken qualitative performance analysis and code profiling of identified bottlenecks.
Validate by undertaking the performance analysis for focus areas and recommend improvements in application performance and scalability.
Performed POC to validate recommendation and performance comparison metrics.
Implement the roadmap as defined in phases and individual activities.
Execute recommendations and validate performance improvements.
Measure responsive time by comparison using reports from monitoring tools to showcase actual performance achieved in development environment.

Business benefits

Covalense Global helped the client define and implement performance test strategy.
Identified and suggested improvements towards front-end related risks (like web page minifying), backend related risks (like file reading) and database risks and environmental and infrastructure by incremental approach of performance testing.
Undertaken system design validations and provided sophisticated graphs like Response Time, Hits/Transactions per second etc.
Reduced risks and improved cost effectiveness and enhanced user experience
Improve return on existing investments (ROEI) by improving application performance through JMeter solution for desktop automation.
Scalability of applications enhanced without swelling existing infrastructure resources

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