Our Glorious Journey of Value Additions!

On behalf of Vodafone Qatar, I extend our sincere appreciation to Covalense Global and the dedicated team whose support has been instrumental over the past 14 years. Covalense Global has consistently demonstrated their capability and technological prowess, enabling them to extend their support across a spectrum of 18 diverse processes. Today, Covalense Global remains a vital component of Vodafone Qatar’s operational framework. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of our partnership with Covalense Global, aspiring to accomplish even greater milestones together.

Lorenzo Pietersz , Customer Operations, Vodafone Qatar

I have had the pleasure of working with Covalense Global on multiple projects, and they consistently impressed me with their deep technical knowledge and exceptional problem-solving skills. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work within tight deadlines is truly commendable. Their effective communication and proactive approach to understanding project requirements have been instrumental in achieving successful outcomes.

I highly recommend Covalense Global for their professionalism, dedication, and ability to provide innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

A commendable job always by Krishna Peesapati, Anita Vemparala and their wonderful teams.

Ramesh Tirunagari, AVP, Insurance Information Bureau of India

Covalense Global has been our development partner building our Drilltracker® and Magentize® cloud-based business management software solutions.

The projects were complex and ran to tight timelines and budgets, and as is the nature of these systems many changes were made throughout the development process.

Over the last 7 years, thousands of man hours have been invested in developing the products and ensure that we continue to remain flexible and relevant to our clients and prospective clients, and lead in our chosen niche focusing on business with staff and machinery wishing to digitize, get rid of the paperwork and enhance their profitability!

We were lucky in that. Covalense Global are well resourced and assigned a dedicated development team, so we did not lose project IP and momentum.

In addition, their local presence and Account Management, has developed an excellent relationship with us and managed many bottlenecks and issues. A key benefit of Covalense Global was their ability to immediately connect with our ideas and turn those ideas into realities, leveraging the excellent ideas and skills throughout their teams and wider networks.

Like us they are incredibly responsive to solving production issues rapidly and they maintain our product development with regular enhancements for greater optimization. Together with their ongoing immediate support to our Flagship products, Covalense Global continues to develop and enhance the advanced features with seamless upgrades that make our products even better.

The core strength of Covalense Global is their focus on win / win relationships, exemplary account management and dedication to quality, and going the extra mile for us.

We are happy with their culture and their technical delivery, and their Account teams are a pleasure to work with. They are an important partner to our business, and I would have no hesitation recommending Covalense Global to anyone for their commitment, innovation, results and value.

I am happy to act as a verbal referee if required.

Scott Sherwin, Director

I have been extremely impressed with the quality of service provided by Covalense Global. They came highly recommended from a CTO for one of NZ’s largest media companies. After approaching several software developers locally, I decided to go with Covalense Global Technologies. To say Covalense Global have delivered would be an understatement. They have also stuck to the agreed fee and generally been very accommodating in terms of design changes.

What I also really like about working with Covalense Global is that they have made a real effort to understand my target customer group as well as the RiskDashboard tool. In getting their heads around the product, they go beyond just following what I would recommend in terms of design and flow, but have worked with me, and provided some good ideas to essentially make the product user friendly and functional. The standard of technical and account management support has been excellent. I have found them to be extremely dedicated.

The thoroughness of their software development together with the technical support provided throughout the product launch has proved to be critical to the success of RiskDashboard and this enabled me to approach the market with confidence. The people I worked with Covalense Global were energetic, focused, dedicated and highly professional with their approach and delivery. It’s been great experience working with Covalense Global and I am looking forward to working with them on my next phases of development. I highly recommend them for any software application or product development.

Ben Stevens, CEO of Risk Dynamics and Founder of the RiskDashbaord™

We approached Covalense Global to completely redesign and re-skin an existing high performance visualization application. Covalense Global did a thorough job understanding the existing workflows, underlying technology stack and business use-case of the application. They then created a comprehensive project plan for the task at hand. They worked hand-in-glove with our development team. They kept us updated via weekly meetings and informative status reports. They seamlessly adapted to our SDLC to minimize disruption to the maintenance activities of the existing software version. The UAT process was also handled very professionally. The project was completed on time with no cost overage. The professionalism of Covalense Global was evident in their technical, commercial and legal teams. We are glad we chose to work with Covalense Global for our UX transformation project and would highly recommend them.

Hari Koduru, Founder, President & CEO

Wanted to drop you a line to express my satisfaction and that of my team for your team’s performance to date. The challenge is significant and growing Covalense Global teams are presenting a very professional approach and upholding the high levels of quality I’d expect of a significant partner of 9 Spokes.

Our future roadmap is significant for the next twelve months and – although we’ll push you very hard at times – I have confidence you have the team and professionalism to deliver. I look forward to an ongoing successful relationship with Covalense Global.

Paul PSAILA, Chief Information Officer

Our association with Covalense Global started when they replaced the incumbent vendor who was supplementing our resources for the development of some of our business systems and technologies.

The hard work professionalism and the `can do’ mindset of Covalense Global teams working in tandem with our in-house teams enabled us to deliver high quality services in the enterprise collaboration & information management and geospatial space for many clients including several Government entities. Our relationship with Covalense Global is a partnership and Covalense Global offers tremendous flexibility and scalability with quality staff that complement our experienced in-house team.

Michael BYRNE, Chief Information Officer

Over the past 9 years, Open Wānanga has enjoyed a preferred supplier relationship with Covalense Global Technologies, who were engaged to develop a range of software tools to administer the delivery of Tertiary education to our students within and across Aotearoa (New Zealand).

As a national tertiary institution, the Covalense Global developed applications enabled Open Wānanga to leverage Information Technology to deliver higher levels of efficiency, effectiveness and accountability through-out all areas of our organisation.

Their knowledge, experience and expertise enabled them to integrate our work systems, practices and culture to provide the appropriate solutions. Covalense Global has also helped Open Wānanga reduce our operational cost through the strategic outsourcing of our application development, maintenance and support.

Covalense Global demonstrates unparalleled customer centricity and we have been extremely pleased with the evolving relationship.

Kingi Wetere, General Manager
covalense global with cca

Amongst the system integrators work for development in Coco Cola Amatil, Covalense Global has consistently demonstrated as the easiest and technically dependable team to work with, both onshore and offshore.

Their consultants are knowledgeable not just about systems and coding but also seem to have a deep understanding of business and the environment we operate across CCA. The quality of work is very high, the determination and professionalism of the team should be praise worthy. They bring on table strong technical and program management skills and have played a major role in driving our supply chain initiatives to success.

Peter DALEY, National Operational Support Manager SAP

Over the years, Covalense Global has been delivering a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness and brought tremendous value to Open Wānanga with different solutions and services.

One of them is the Enterprise Reporting for Open Wānanga’s Reporting Centre.

They exceeded our expectations in providing high quality reporting services in Microsoft technologies as part of enterprise information management. This has enhanced our business insight and organisational process and their support has positively impacted over business operations and programme delivery across Aotearoa.

We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with Covalense Global to help us maintain our dominant position in as one of the country’s largest tertiary education providers.

Vernon Rameka, Project Manager

“Covalense Global has been my recognized offshore vendor for Microsoft SharePoint Resources. I am particularly impressed with the quality of Covalense’s people, processes and their ability to work well with our Application Services here at Gen-i. They have clearly exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased with the business relationship with the Covalense Global team.”

Rodney Pomfrett, Application Service Manager

“We were looking for an offshore service provider who could meet our criteria of technical capability, scalability, and cost effective option for enterprise level data migration.

Covalense Global has commendably fit the bill on all three counts and delivered the solution with 6 Sigma quality standards.

Covalense Global has displayed great flexibility and dexterity surmounting the cultural and language challenges, in taking over disparate business systems across Vodafone Qatar operations.

We are particularly impressed with the quality and commitment of Covalense’s people and processes and the ability to remain flexible in working with our operations. We value our business relationship with Covalense Global and look forward to strengthening it further in the years to come.”

Phil Worsley, General Manager

We commissioned Covalense Global to undertake a very complex product development for the Stevedoring and Sea Freight Supply Chain industry in Microsoft framework with challenging delivery schedules.

Covalense Global, as our development partner, represented a guarantee of delivering the expected quality level and met all requirements placed by our client and consistently demonstrated a high degree of technical competencies and unparalleled customer-centricity. Our engagement with Covalense Global has not only improved the time to market and predictability, but reduced the cost of implementation.

We have been extremely pleased with this evolving relationship with Covalense Global and we would definitely recommend using their services.

Conrad Caburian, Account Director

“We chose Covalense Global for our Application and Enterprise Reporting Services because of their sheer commitment, execution excellence and ability to work with us to envision our enterprise information systems.

Covalense Global as a Technology company exhibited vibrancy in requisite skills especially in areas of SSRS and Crystal reports and won our confidence and trust against the tough competitive biddings from the leading Consulting companies of India. Their teams have displayed great flexibility and dexterity in resolving our development requirements over disparate business systems across our global operations in Asia AMET and Europe.

We are impressed with their breadth of expertise and desire to win our business and they are definitely represented a way to increase our system productivity while saving money. We see this relationship continuing to grow into a more rewarding partnership over the years.”

Satish CP, Project Manager

“Covalense Global provided invaluable assistance with application development and data migration work relating to our mission critical enterprise-wide resources management systems, which were challenging and complex. Throughout the engagement, Covalense Global has demonstrated commitment, technical expertise and flexibility and its focus on quality contributed to the success of the project.

We are very pleased with our relationship with Covalense Global and they remain our key vendor for application development services.”

Warren Williams, IT Manager

“We have known Covalense Global for their technical talent, breadth of expertise, and relationship focus and desire to win our business. They have strong competencies in Microsoft technologies with large pool of resources allowing maximum flexibility in accelerating or de-accelerating development efforts.

Covalense Global has consistently demonstrated resourcefulness and commitment in all assignments and I recommend them without reservation.”

Vino Ramayah, Chairman & CEO

“As director of SmartMatix, a software development improvement & tools company, I’d like to recommend Covalense Global to anyone who is in search for lean, effective, and cost competitive software development. Since commissioning our first project in late 2006, Covalense Global has built our SmartLibrary process management system, a world class process library (CMMI level 3) comprising of templates, tools, guides, standards, and discussion facilitation. Built on Microsoft .Net, DNN, and related technologies, Covalense Global solved the problem of digital rights management in 2006 at a time that even Microsoft had not solved this….Covalense’s technology advice has turned out to be the right direction for us, as a wealth of components and modules has emerged which has future proofed our application. Covalense Global has excelled in being flexible and innovative in each and every start-up phase of the next incremental project. With Covalense Global you can rest assured that they search for a sensible solution in terms of functionality and value for money. They have a good simple scoping tool, so early on you can decide on what you can do / can’t do for available budget. We have found Covalense Global to be totally trustworthy with our intellectual property, and though at times it has been technically difficult, they have stuck to the job. Furthermore in the latest release of our website, after almost four years they still have that commitment and enthusiasm to help us over the finishing line.”

Jan Wijninckx, Director

“SystemsXpert acknowledges the value proposition in outsourcing software development to Covalense Global. We selected them for their experience as an outsourcing partner for various leading companies in Australasia.

Covalense Global has demonstrated the commitment and reliability in providing outsource services. Forging our relationship with Covalense Global has provided us more flexible options for development at competitive costs. We’ve found their developers to be very knowledgeable and experienced in the technologies we use.

SystemsXpert has built a very positive and successful relationship with Covalense Global and look forward to a rewarding partnership in the months and years ahead.”

Ben Slack, Director

“We found Covalense Global of the highest integrity, quality, responsive and easy to do business with. Working with Covalense Global has been a tremendous benefit to our organisation in extremely competitive IT market.

Their teams, which are spread across wide geographies, are continually producing a high level of work within a short period time and the manner in which tasks are completed indicates that the processes are very well defined and controlled. Covalense Global remains our preferred developer for outsourced technical projects. Our partnership with Covalense Global has been mutually beneficial to both of our organisations and I look forward to growing this partnership in the future”

Mark Easton, Project Manager

“Covalense Global has exceeded our expectations with the quality of their people and their performance. They have always met the compressed timelines and aggressive milestones on extremely mission critical systems and helped us drive the desired results by constantly adjusting the level of resources needed for our offshore development.

The fact that we have not hesitated to award Covalense Global with several subsequent projects speaks highly of the confidence we developed in them in a short period of time. We would consider Covalense Global as our preferred vendor for outsourced projects.”

Jeremy Buckley, CEO

WEX Inc is a global leader in corporate payment solutions and as part of our test automation and performance engineering requirements, we commissioned Covalense’s testing resources.

Covalense Global augmented truly amazing resources with right skillset and reasonable price and helped our internal team with high quality software testing resources with excellent results.

It really reflected the brief I gave on the requirements in action from the resources supplied. It helped our performance testing move smooth and fast to meet both our short and long term program needs.

We absolutely recommend Covalense Global to clients looking to augment staff with consistently high quality software testing resources.

Venu Chaganti, Director, Global QAT & Governance

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