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To accelerate innovation and build new paths amidst continuous market shifts, businesses need to access and process data at high velocity and large scale. Further, there is a need to align right services with right use cases to prevent integration and governance costs as data analytics shifts to cloud.

At Covalense, we build frameworks that design, model, align, execute, monitor, and tune decision models and processes in the context of business outcomes. We enable you to leverage advanced data architectures and analytics to mine the large enterprise data and obtain actionable insights for better decision-making.


Covalense Global - Powering the Foundation of Your Data Strategy

Make sense of the archival or historical enterprise data using descriptive statistics such as measures of central tendency, dispersion, skewness, and correlation using descriptive analysis. Transform the large amount of data related to operations, sales, inventory, finance, and customers to understand past patterns and take better future decisions. Our analytics practices include:

Data Modelling
Data Segregation
Grouping or Classification
Metadata compliance
Pattern identification and development of search patterns
Assets Interlinking
Data Source identification
Advanced Analytics dashboard with person
Diagnostic Analytics

A root-cause analysis approach, diagnostic analysis employs statistical tests such as hypothesis testing to identify the factors driving underlying patterns or changes in the historical data. Such diagnosis enables businesses to predict and control the future behaviours and occurrences of events. Our analytics practices include:

Analysis of multiple data sets
Data discovery
Dimensions modelling
Data mining
Drill through and Drill down

Empowering organizations to be more futuristic, proactive, agile and resilient, predictive analytics provides understanding of past trends and patterns and uses that information to predict future outcomes using the latest real-time data. Predictive analytics employs methods such as regression analysis, CHAID decision tree, K-means clustering, linear discriminant analysis, and econometric time series modelling using machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Our analytics practices include:

Statistics Modelling
Learning model development – Unsupervised, Supervised
Forecast report generations
Prescriptive Analytics charts infographs
Pescriptive Analytics infographics

A next-gen analytics approach that handles millions of decision variables, alternatives, and constraints with appropriate optimization technologies to suggest most effective actions or recommendations to achieve specific business objectives. We develop optimization engines that enterprise problems into optimization models. Our prescriptive analytics practices include:

Development of data governance strategies

Covalense analytics and reporting solutions provide a highly effective snapshot of business activities and related performances across functions and industries. We provide sophisticated visualizations of business KPIs and trends to generate action-oriented insights. We build customized interactive report applications that are instant, actionable, and accessible for all layers and all levels of your business. Some of the analytics and reporting services we provide are:

End-to-end BI reporting and analytics solutions,
BI tools performance optimization
Metadata management
Ad-hoc reporting solutions
Multi-medium, multi-source data visualization using dashboards, scorecards, KPI-based reports etc.
Data Visualization & Enterprise Reporting

How data analytics helps enterprises


Client Experience

Enhance your client’s experience through personalized solutions aligned to business requirements


Innovation Ecosystem

Boost innovation by providing timely and accurate information, revealing trends, and actionable insights


Operational Excellence

Improve processes based on data and insights through automation and error reduction


Risk Mitigation

Minimize exposure to risks through continuous analysis of real-time data and predicting future outcomes


Data-driven decisions

Empower leaders to take faster and accurate decisions based on data and evidence


Real-time Monitoring

Score high on key quality measures and deliver best value with the ability to track and monitor processes in real-time.


Governance & Compliance

Improve and remain compliant through on-time alerts triggered by data changes and create secured and advanced data flows


Enterprise-wide View

Highly customizable enterprise reports providing comprehensive view of organizational performance

The Covalense Advantage

Enhanced business ROI through cost and resource optimization
State-of-the art analytics capabilities including data engineering, predictive analytics, business intelligence etc.
Customized solutions across functions and industries
Developed an Enterprise Content Management System for a Government Agency
24×7 one-to-one client support including implementation, monitoring and maintenance
Enhanced data quality and security compliance
Processes can be transition from onsite to offshore and back, on demand
Scalable solutions
Long-term partnerships with clients
Proven track record as technology partners for global companies

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