Optimizing productivity and
reliability through continuous
integration & delivery

Covalense Global delivers seamless software development solutions built on lean and agile principles.

Our DevOps solutions nurture innovation through continuous integration, collaboration, and automation across the software lifecycle. Our design-thinking led DevOps practices help businesses achieve flexibility & agility, develop products faster, and improve operational performance significantly.


DevOps Maturity Assessment

We evaluate organization’s DevOps status quo in terms of culture, tools, processes etc., develop a clear end vision and lay out an implementation plan for continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Assessment of IT infrastructure, software lifecycle capabilities & existing DevOps processes
Strategy planning for process improvement, security, and automation
Identification of metrics/KPIs for tracking
DevOps as a Service

Our DevOps tools automate the continuous and iterative application life cycle with great consistency, high integrity, and strict regulatory compliance, making businesses efficient and agile.

Build and Release Automation
Containerization and Orchestration
Continuous Security and Testing
Tracking and Monitoring (24×7)
Deployment and release orchestration
Version management and control
CI and CD
Infrastructure-as-a-code (with partner)
Infrastructure security (audit and implementation) (with partner support)
Enterprise DevSecOPs

Our expert DevOps and Security architects create and implement solution frameworks that constitute security checks for automation, deployment, and monitoring. We integrate your CI and CD pipeline with codified security, compliance, and governance.

DevOps and Cloud assessment
CI/CD strategy and implementation
Tools implementation
Managed services
Serverless Computing

Our serverless computing solutions streamlines developer experience through development and deployment of applications as containers/source code and foregoing the infrastructure management efforts.

Development of secure, scalable applications
Application troubleshooting
Develop and manage APIs
Event orchestration/ingestion
Batch processing
Data processing
DevOps Consulting

We synergistically bring together all the project stakeholders and resources to assess the needs, capabilities, and outcomes of DevOps solution implementation and empower businesses to take the right decisions.

Requirements gathering and environment readiness assessment.
DevOps maturity assessment
Roadmap Definition
Application Suitability Evaluation
Process Consulting
Internal technology training
Implementation cost optimization
Contingent Staffing

Business Benefits

Reduced time to market
Faster throughput
Increased resilience and agility
IT-Business alignment
Risk prevention
Improved productivity
Better customer experience
Greater team collaboration

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