Intelligent Automation

Maximize your automation investments
through self-optimizing AI

Intelligent automation solutions unleash the real potential of your automation investment by empowering employees, enhancing customer experience, and establishing new pathways for innovation through self-learning processes embedded within technologies.

Positioned at the intersection of applied intelligence and automation, powered by highly effective data and analytics, our solutions aim at realizing your return on investments. We approach the challenges related to adoption, skill gaps, deployment, and governance head-on and achieve structured alignment between intelligent automation and your existing platforms to deliver business-specific outcomes.


Automation through Integration of RPA, AI, and Analytics

With wide-ranging solutions from basic RPA to highly sophisticated intelligent automation, our IA solutions accelerate productivity by combining automation, machine learning and cognitive technologies. Our intelligent automation environment facilitates design and delivery of smarter and scalable solutions for every industry.

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Our Offerings

covalense global Intelligent Automation Offerings
covalense global Intelligent Automation Offerings

Use Cases

covalense global Intelligent Automation Use cases
covalense global Intelligent Automation Use cases
covalense global Intelligent Automation Use cases

How intelligent automation helps enterprises:


Redirected focus on Core Competencies

Employees redirect focus on core business ideas and innovation using their intellectual capabilities and technical expertise


Resource Optimization

More efficient processes reduce errors and increase speed thus reducing cost and optimizing time and financial resources


Operational Excellence

Improved processes based on automation and self-learning technologies capable of 24x7 operations


Empowered Workforce

Digital software, robots, etc. augment the human capabilities to perform tasks empowering them on a daily basis


Data Intelligence

Empower leaders to take faster and accurate decisions based on data and evidence


Increased Control & Transparency

Reduce cognitive bias of human gives better control over processes

The Covalense Advantage

Enhanced business ROI through cost and resource optimization
Customized solutions across functions and industries
Proven track record as technology partners for global companies
Long-term partnerships with clients
24×7 one-to-one client support including implementation, monitoring and maintenance
Scalable and sustainable solutions

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