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Covalense builds fresh product experiences for your customers through its wide-ranging AI services. Our aim as technology partners is to enable enterprises to become data-driven and develop innovative AI-based products and gain unique competitive advantage in their industry. We provide strategic consultation to evaluate the contribution of AI to your business, and also take this endeavor further through services such as data intelligence, design and deployment of machine learning, deep learning models, integrating computer vision, NLP capabilities into products, intelligent automation.

Covalense is dedicated to maximizing the value of your enterprise by adding intelligence to processes, products, services, and ideas and create extraordinary customer experiences and unleash unprecedented innovations.


Covalense – Reimagining AI Enterprise with End-to-End Strategic Partnership

Our AI team aligns your enterprise data with the business strategy and uses it to build machine learning models that have self-learning capabilities. Machine learning enables trend identification and pattern recognition for easy and reliable decision making. Some of the powerful ML models and outcomes include correlation, classification, clustering etc. that can provide hidden customer insights, behavioural patterns, and value forecasts etc.

Key features of our services and solutions are:

Automated modelling and feature engineering
Analytical capabilities include regression, clustering, random forest, SVM, MLP, gradient boosting models, topic modelling etc.
Python based deep learning
Augmented data mining
Customized APIs for design and deployment of predictive models
Deep Learning

Deep learning technology is based on neural networks that mimics the human brain with complex networks that give machines the ability to demonstrate capabilities and intelligence like humans. By making sense of tons of structured and unstructured data in any format (text, image, voice, unstructured data), using multiple processing layers, deep learning technology is able to tackle multi-dimensional data and efficiently support decision systems and structural flows. These models are composed of multiple processing layers designed to learn about the feature abstraction in the data.

Covalense deep Learning services include:

Time-series data analysis
Predictive analytics
Fraud detection
Anomaly Detection
Chatbot development
Virtual assistant development

Computer vision technology gives machines the visual performance capability that enables identification, classification and responding to the visual cases presented. Computer vision uses deep learning models to interpret images and videos and presents highly accurate, precise, and adaptable outcomes.

Some of our computer vision solutions include:

Face recognition
Text analysis
Document analysis
Image recognition
Object detection and recognition
Optical Character Recognition
Topic modelling
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing technology empowers machines to understand, process, analyse and extract outcomes from human language in both spoken and written forms. By processing what human speak or write, this technology enables automation of several business processes that involves communication and emotions such as customer engagement, product reviews and recommendations etc.

Some of our natural language processing solutions include:

Sentiment Analysis
Text mining and text extraction
Entity extraction and recognition
Language detection
Customer service automation

Covalense holds a unique expertise in AI Consulting services and serves as an effective and sustainable technology partner for small, medium, and large businesses in end-to-end AI implementation.

Our consulting services include:

AI Adoption Consultation: Investigate business use cases and ensure successful buy-in
AI Review and Re-engineering: Full cycle review of business problem statements, model building, algorithms, infrastructure, security, and usability
AI Scale-Up: Expansion support and transformation from PoC to organization-wide practice
AI Consulting

How artificial intelligence helps enterprises


Proactive Intelligence

Derive deeply embedded insights from data across multiple formats and make it part of enterprise intelligence using AI-driven analytics


Innovative Products & Services

Offerings engineered using AI provides advanced features to customers enhancing experience and easing lives


Seamless Operations

Improved processes based on intelligent automation and self-learning technologies capable of 24x7 operations


Augmented Workforce Capabilities

AI augments the human capabilities to perform tasks empowering them on daily basis


Cognitive engagement

Repetitive interactions power AI with understanding human language and resolve concerns for employees as well as customers and respond to cognitive patterns


High Product/Service Performance

Reduce cognitive bias of human gives better control over decisions and processes, automation increases accuracy and accelerated performance enhances user experience

The Covalense Advantage

Enhanced business ROI through cost and resource optimization
Customized solutions across functions and industries
24×7 one-to-one client support including implementation, monitoring and maintenance
Scalable, sustainable solutions
Long-term partnerships with clients
Proven track record as technology partners for global companies

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