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Unilever Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company and a leader in FMCG vertical with over 400 brands covering home, personal care and foods products, such as CIF, Comfort, Dove, Flora, Hellmann’s and Lipton. Operating in over 100 countries, Unilever employs more than 172,000 and emerging markets now account for 58% of their business

Akili, the Regional Information Office (RIO) for Unilever’s Asia/AMET region, is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) setup to meet the Unilever vision on Information Management in providing enterprise reporting to the top management of Unilever Corporation.


Ability to deliver enterprise reporting solution incrementally through quick cycles and iterative approaches due to changing nature of enterprise business information and data.
Leverage a rapid development and deployment reporting infrastructure to provide more adaptive data analysis and consumptions cycles.
Challenges of real-time reporting that is driven by fast cycle of information decisions. Solution providers have to invest in fast paced solutions for decision makers.
Ability to manage hundreds or thousands of different reports with variety of formats, delivery protocols and schedules that go to variety of recipients.
Unmet demand for ad-hoc reporting to support increasingly sophisticated KPIs.
Continuing report delivery failures, delays, data errors and other processing glitches.
Mandatory compliance with regulations and business standards
With increasing complex enterprise business environment, data needs to be available any time around the clock and globally.
High demand from enterprise information workers for high availability of enterprise reports.


In 2006, Covalense Global was chosen as a preferred solution developer in Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence for Unilever. A team of over 15 developers started working in Akili’s premises in Bangalore, India. The objective of this engagement for the past one decade is mainly to automate the monthly and quarterly reporting requirements of various Unilever products against the regions and global level and provide insight to the forecasts for various stakeholders. Microsoft BI suite with Dundas Data Visualization solutions and Micrososft.Net environment have been used for report development and web applications.

Highlights of this long term engagement include:

Powerful and flexible enterprise reporting systems that present the targeted data in the most consumable format for day to day operations.
Comprehensive, server-based BI and Enterprise Reporting solutions that enable the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive or web-based reports.
Combined the traditional banded report layout techniques with the powerful, graphical zone-based layouts to produce scorecards and dashboards from a single platform.
More than 70 projects/development assignments have been meticulously delivered.

Business Benefits

Increased IT capability of Unilever to a highly experienced BI resource pool with domain knowledge in FMCG domain.
Enhanced Business process improvements within Unilever AMET with reduced time and costs.
Eliminated the possibilities of further expensive support costs.
Accelerated response to RFPs with improved operational efficiency and accelerated review process within Akili RIO and Unilever AMET.
Improved information and data protection.

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