You need more than just UI Design.
Its about Usability, Uniqueness,
Creativity and Elegance across digital tools.

User experience of the apps has long been a driver of customer satisfaction and Development managers recognize it as one of the important milestone in their application life cycle. For businesses, it is really crucial as innovative as you are.

Innovation is seen first in the front-end and later in the feature richness.
Businesses adapt data-driven approaches to measure the effectiveness of UI and UX design because customers always ask for more.

We at Covalense, challenge ourselves to come up with more creativity and reinvent in new ways. In order to achieve it We focus on the following

  • Prototyping,
  • Story-telling,
  • customer research,
  • Content design & types
  • Visual design assistants
  • Web & Mobile Designs
  • Voice and Videos
  • Device-agnostic approach
  • Testing, iterations and Rating
UX Design

Designing to Customer usage behaviour without losing its ground to creativity and design is the most important aspect of UX design. Intuitive to use, Open communication across forms, fluid navigation and more touch points to the content are taken care at Covalense. Your app is more appealing and easily engaged if you have that expected intuitive flow of information across the app.

We deeply analyse the information architecture to lay our hands on UX design to make it fast, reliable and stable.

User Interface (UI) Design

Application scope, architecture and industry dynamics are well understood before starting on UI Design. We at Covalense design Web UI, Mobile UI, Tablet UI and other IoT based UI that are visually stunning, easy to Operate, navigate across screens and data.

Our UI Design follows

Conceptual design
Digital and Social media efficiency
Wireframe development
Prototype of the application screens
Brand alignment
User Testing
Photography, images
Layout and colours design
User Interaction Design

Data, feature and business rules driven applications need user interactions in the usage journey. User Interactions are modelled through tools and feedback is captured across user types. Data Entry, content reports, graphs, approval workflows, payments and other business rules intensive scenarios are designed for best usage outcomes.

UI Prototyping

Prototyping is the essential step to confirm to the design and creative standards in the UI and UX journey. Expression of the functionality of the app is only possible with iterations and prototyping to achieve that balance, blend of people and device preferences.

Mobile First Design

Creating Mobile First responsive design is critical for businesses who wants to be at the forefront of the customer with elegant and similar UI experience. We create responsive design across devices using Hybrid frameworks

UI Development

UI Developers translate efficiently the UI/UX design into real-time with proper care to Web design standards, style guides, Javascript standards, imageries, page loading, application performance and speed. User traffic, conversion rates and more time on the page are few goals will be taken cared by following SEO standards.

UI Testing

UI testing is done to avoid any real-time errors and is carried out along with feature development. Application performance in speed, loading and response is tested along with usability, navigation, data loading & saving, persistence between logins and different screens, layout alignments and finally application security are tested.

How do we deliver UI UX design services?

Business Analysis
Information & Interface architecture
Sketching & Drawing
Graphic Design
Prototyping and Wireframes
UI Guidelines and Standards
Design Iterations
UI Development & Testing
Enterprise reporting and Dashboard portal for Cloud data integration platform
Award winning employee healthcare and fitness portal for a Education Tertiary University
First of its kind of mobile app to view Energy usage and monitoring mobile app
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