The Future of Generative AI as We See It!

Generative AI has been creating waves like never before! To unlock its full potential, we believe in introducing the technology responsibly, accounting for the behavioral change so as to result in a positive human impact.

Are you curious about what the future of Generative AI holds in store for us? We believe that the below 7 future trends of Generative AI are awaiting us:

  1. By 2025, sustainable & ethical use of AI will turn into one of the top priorities for 70% of enterprises.
  2. By 2025, 35% of large organizations will have a Chief AI Officer who reports to the CEO or COO.
  3. By 2025, the volume of real data needed for machine learning will go down by 70% due to the use of synthetic data.
  4. By 2025, large organizations will be synthetically generating 30% of their outbound marketing messages, as against to less than 2% in 2022.
  5. Through 2026, in spite of all the advancements in AI, its impact on global jobs will be neutral – there will not be a net decrease or increase.  
  6. By 2030, up to 15% of global CO2 emissions could be reduced by AI and it might consume up to 3.5% of the world’s electricity.
  7. By 2033, AI solutions will create more than half a billion net-human jobs!

Identify the innovative ways in which Generative AI fits into your existing and future business and operating models. Find out new avenues of growth that this adoption can unlock with Covalense Global!

Source: Gartner

Author : Data COE team

Date: 31 July 2023