Enterprise BI & Reporting

An enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) solution was developed with Microsoft stack technologies. The architecture mainly focussed on complex data mapping between unstructured data sources and thus building different de-centralized data warehouses to improve on the processing time and performance.

  • Time to generate reports reduced to 3 hours from 1 week
  • Provided reports at low cost against development of reports in other technologies like SAP
  • Time required for Unilever functional team to do the data validations is drastically reduced
  • A common data warehouse is achieved with a blend of different data warehouses such as Finance, Supply Chain and Marketing.

SQL server has been used as data warehouse system centrally. The data migration and integration between different heterogeneous data sources is achieved through SSIS and C#, ASP.NET technologies. SSAS, SSRS, Tableau, QlikView are used for enterprise reporting, dashboards and score cards.

Project Information