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Performance Dashboards in
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The client delivering high quality transport services across Australia and New Zealand operates the Auckland passenger rail network on behalf of Auckland Transport (AT). The parent organisation of client is largest private transport operator in the world with 83,000 employees in 20 countries across the world offering expertise in 13 modes of transportation and a commitment to customer experience excellence.

Business Scenario

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) systems help people change their travel behaviour towards more sustainable transport modes and the quality of train services performance in Auckland region.

Under an initiative to improve overall customer experience with Auckland train services, a real time display of important KPIs pertaining to trains for the next 2 hours derived from the AT’s website will be displayed at all stations. The KPIs will be displayed in Auckland’s Britomart Concourse, stations and interchanges with updated multimodal information about routes, departure times and possible delays/disruptions.

From the passengers’ point of view, these measures are very useful for reducing the uncertainty of waiting time, which is very negatively weighted by AT users, and also for planning their journey. From the operator’s point of view, these new technologies are very important for managing train schedules, routes, incidents and thus improving the reliability and punctuality of their services


Development of a web based application to display the Auckland Transport (AT) KPIs pertaining to the trains. The system will be hosted on Microsoft Azure environment will fetch real time data from AT website which is updated every 20 seconds and managed by an Admin. The system will be built using industry standard robust technology stack that will have scalability to other business domains of the client.


Covalense has been commissioned for this offshore engagement for development, deployment and maintenance support on Azure hosting service. Initially display at Auckland Britomart has been developed followed by all other stations. The system displays warning if the data is not update or found inaccurate and Admin has the ability to manually override the information or add additional information.

Solution Offered

Covalense proposed a hybrid solution wherein an external secured endpoint has been setup which will allow the on-premise back office application to communicate to the Azure cloud server and posts data every 15 minutes interval through the windows service and publishes to the Queue.

The RabbitMQ listener posts the messages to the cloud server which publishes the data to the subscribed clients, thereby real time dashboard display functionality has been achieved. The proposed architecture deploys a windows service adjacent to the database server wherein queries for latest data on interval basis are pushed to the RabbitMQ Queue. Once a new message received in Queue, RabitMQ directly talks to SignalR hosted in MVC web application. Finally, SignalR pushes the updated data to the connected client.

Service Benefits

Interoperability of Azure Hosting to develop hybrid applications that will allows the on-premise applications to use cloud services, communications services between on-premises applications and the cloud, as well as mobile devices.
Microsoft designed compliance framework to meet regulatory requirements
Cost benefits and pricing model benefits from offshore outsourcing
Scalability and flexibility hosting environment
Real time information and enhanced customer experience

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