International Women’s Day at Covalense Global world celebrated International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day at Covalense Global: “Breaking the Bias Benefits Everyone”

Covalense Global Team members around the world celebrated International Women’s Day
on March 8 and pledged to uphold this year’s theme: #BreakTheBias. 

Narayana Peesapati,  Founder spoke that Women empowerment in truth means that everyone has to believe that both genders are equal and implement it “ manasa, vāchā, kārmana ” which means to implement it in thoughts, speech and actions respectively. This is not just one day of the year but sarvakaala  sarvavasthalandu ”, which actually signifies that the equality has to be represented “by all means and ways possible at all times”.

Manasavāchākārmana are three Sanskrit words. The word manasa refers to the mindvāchā refers to speech, and kārmana refers to actions.
sarvakaala sarvavasthalandu  are two Telugu words. They signify “ by all means & ways at all times”

Krishna Peesapati, Director of Strategy and Head of Operations, shares that  we are committed to sustainable growth and development of the society by bringing the right balance and by further promoting diversity, equality and inclusion. This is very much fundamental and necessary so everyone is encouraged and nurtured to bloom & thrive creating a better world. We #BreakTheBias..

Anita Vemparala, Director of Program Management spoke about the approach towards women empowerment in Covalense over the years and support from all men in the organization to all women colleagues , encouraging them to lead more and to unleash their potential. This is very important to bring a healthy culture and eliminates unconscious bias, if any at work or at home.

Gita Madhuri

Gita Madhuri,  Director – HR & Talent Acquisition said : “ I highly appreciate the support & encouragement that women receive from all in our organisation. It is very critical that women give the right importance to their time, focus on their physical and mental well-being, to aim and to reach greater heights in life.

Covalense Global Women group coined the caption “ Strong is Beautiful ” in the year 2012. For the past 10 years women’s day is being celebrated grandly and the message “ Be Strong & Stay Strong ” is communicated to all women with momentos . This year specially designed photo frames are sent to all women to capture the golden moments.