Integration of Data and Applications for
Business Performance

Businesses operate on more disparate systems to meet their growing needs and it requires integration between their business processes, customer management, Enterprise systems and data to achieve total business performance.

We work on Enterprise Application Integration to create interoperability and build communication stacks, middleware frameworks, Application connectors and adapters to share data, processes and insights for further use. This greatly reduces redundancy and maintenance of multiple systems.

Teams are involved with customer teams for in-depth analysis of their various systems to bring out that value of integration and develops the integrated system. This requires a great deal of expertise about different systems, technologies and industry applications.

Integration of Enterprise Applications

ERP, CRM, SCM, BPM and other enterprise applications are more effective collectively if the data and insights are shared in between. Distributed architecture and middleware development is done to achieve that interoperability and scalability.

Data Integration

Data which is at the heart of any business should be made effective utilization by eliminating redundancy and bring on that re-use by sharing, Central Storage and accessible by other systems. Data is processed from different sources to store it in multi-dimensions for data mining and warehousing.

API Integration

To establish inter-application communication and sharing of data, API integration is vital for systems like ERP, e-Commerce, Inventory management systems, Supply-Chain Management Solutions, Billing systems and other business critical systems. Web, Mobile and Data transfer APIs are built for seamless integrations between systems.

Cloud Integration

Integration with Cloud infrastructure and Software environments is now became necessity to save on costs and improve business agility. We implement the necessary SaaS, PaaS services to get the integration and migration done to achieve that business performance. Cloud Monitoring and Scalability.


A distributed and scalable architecture to be integrated as the growth in the usage of the application and to bring-on that code scalability. This has become more prominent because of Cloud technologies and agile methodologies of enterprise applications

Integration Testing

It’s a skill with which the wholistic view of usage of the integrated system to be perceived and tested across for its correctness and adaptability. Integration testing is significant, without which the 360 degree use of the systems is not useful and systems become handicapped limiting to their own boundaries. Data, applications and environments are carefully prepared and tested to achieve this.

How to improve Connectivity of applications

Independent systems often serve the business needs within its boundaries. For example ERP system for inventory management system will only work to better manage inventory levels. The connectivity of this inventory management system to production system will enhance the value of the system by automating the process of forecasting and procurement of inventory upfront saving cost, time and effort. Connectivity of applications involve the following:

  1. Analyse the need of connectivity to reap out the high-value added functionality
  2. Design and prototype its usage for business approval
  3. Involve and different enterprise teams to agree on sharing of data and insights for better visibility of the what’s going on between the systems
  4. Draw out a plan to scale this connectivity to outside of the IT depts to its users and management teams
  5. Implement the integration by architecting enterprise middleware and connectors
End of the Line production automation for Goods Receipting for a global beverages industry
Enterprise Business Intelligence system to achieve integration with heterogenous databases for a fortune 500 retail business
Integration with CRM system for better visibility on future revenue growth
Integration with IBM middleware to achieve dashboard system for Cloud applications use
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