Cyber Hygiene Unveiled: Key Practices for a Secure Future!  

October, designated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, serves as a critical period for raising awareness about digital security, let us reflect on the criticality of cyber hygiene. As data breaches and cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, safeguarding our digital world is highly crucial.  

Prevent 98% of cyberattacks, minimize risks, and increase the resilience of your business with basic Cyber Hygiene. Unlock the benefits of fortified defenses, enhanced operational efficiency & safeguarding your brand reputation by adopting the below top 5 best practices of Cyber Hygiene:   

  • Adopt Phishing-resistant Multifactor Authentication (MFA): With MFA, an extra layer of protection ensures that only authorized users gain access to sensitive data and critical systems, reducing the number of attacks on your accounts  
  • Apply Zero Trust Principles: These principles establish security measures that encompass every aspect of the digital infrastructure, consistently verifying each transaction, enforcing minimal access privileges and relying on advanced detection and immediate responses to combat threats in real time   
  • Use Modern Anti-malware: With extended detection & response anti-malware, attacks are automatically detected and blocked while the security operations provide insights into the same. Automate alert collection, prioritization and other processes for enhanced efficiency 
  • Keep Systems Up to Date: Avoid vulnerabilities in outdated systems with regular updates and patches across firmware, operating system & applications 
  • Protect Data: Follow the defense-in-depth strategy of identifying the data landscape, protecting sensitive data, preventing data loss and governing the data lifecycle to fortify your business against data leakage and theft 

Author: Sales Team 

Date: 31 October 2023