Covalense Global invests flipview

Covalense Global Invests in FlipView Limited, NZ

Covalense Global invests in the development and marketing of the FlipView™, a cloud based SaaS product designed by Ben Stevens (founder of RiskDynamics) and developed by Covalense. The tool aims to transform the ways companies assess their risks and perform strategic planning.

Ben has an extensive background in risk assessment and strategic planning,  having spent decades working in senior roles across a variety of industries in the UK, Europe and Australasia.

FlipView ™:
FlipView™ is a fully integrated, scalable and powerful software tool that gives a multidimensional view on a company’s key risks & opportunities. The tool helps drive the strategic planning and risk assessment processes, transforming these functions to something that is both dynamic and action oriented through the incorporation of surveys, dashboards, workshopping functionality, Gantt-Charts, and real time market feeds on key risk and opportunity indicators.