Covalense Global successfully completes 11 years Anniversary with Vodafone, Qatar

Covalense Global successfully completes 11 years Anniversary with Vodafone, Qatar.

It has been a wonderful long journey receiving “ customer service excellence awards” and reaching golden milestones all throughout the way!

“ We put client success first, and focus on staying ahead of the curve with continuous R&D”

– Narayana Peesapati,

.. Founder & MD, Covalense Global.

Covalense Global Value Propositions

  • Quick turn around time Our established processes and thorough training process to the team helped to understand the requirements of the new jobs quickly which in-turn helps to deliver the new projects in quick turn around time .
  • Scale up / down Based on the volume of the work Covalense could able to scale up/down the resources in short time frames. During the engagement in last 132 months Covalense executed projects with teams of 20 to 80 members as and when needed.
  • Quality Covalense Global majorly automated the entire process and reduced the manual intervention in majority of the process steps and could able to deliver error-free solutions
  • High Availability Offering services 7 days a week with 2 hours SLA for the demanding projects
  • Flexi Reporting Capturing the data into database at every phase and provides various reports as and when needed in the last 132 months of work!

Covalense Global offers a competitive outsourcing delivery model with a compelling value proposition for clients looking at outsourcing software services. We empower our customers with pragmatic and vendor independent solutions to rapidly transform their businesses by sparking new revenue streams, maximising new market opportunities, building loyal customer base and reducing operational costs to move their business into accelerated growth!