Taking Business to the next level
by Cognitive Automation

Cognitive Automation solutions are transforming the businesses by imitating the way humans think to automate processes and replace human judgement with machine judgement.

This transformation brings the advantages of improved accuracy, reduced costs and employee productivity. It enables your business to move to that next level of value chain of intelligent business process automation.

We at Covalense Global, automate simple-rule based jobs to most complex jobs that interpret unstructured business data, read trends & patterns or need replacement of human judgement, We achieve that by leveraging AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.


Covalense Global acts as a change agent by automating the business processes either the rule-based processes or knowledge based processes. From Simple tasks bots to bots with cognitive abilities, Covalense Global helps its customers achieve increased operational & Business efficiencies and reduced costs. An end-to-end Automation is achieved through streamlined service areas.

Predictive Analytics

Unstructured and unformatted information such as customer interactions, purchases and lifestyle can be easily aggregated, analyzed, processed and structured into data useful for the fully-informed business decision making process and matured business strategies

Data Science

We see Data science as a value-add service which unlock the great potential of decision-making which otherwise can’t be achieved with traditional ETL or BI tools & technologies. We use Data science techniques to extract the insights, different dimensions of data, hidden behaviours and patterns by churning out mass volumes of data.
We use ML, NLP and other AI based technologies and work with R Studio, Hadoop, IBM Watson, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Python, BigData, AWS and google platforms.

Machine Learning

Unstructured data, data in scanned documents/ images, PDFs, hand-written texts can be extracted and made available for data analysis, storage by machine learning based data extraction tools. We at Covalense Global, work on extraction techniques that use machine learning skills to get pattern recognition, context intelligence, grouping of data, language reading and others.
Machine Learning enables businesses to augment their service offering which can attract high-value recognition and revenues.


Human’s intelligence that’s used for reasoning, perceiving, dissecting data, conditional or logical thinking for problem solving can be replaced and achieved by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Self-learning capabilities for a system can be incorporated through Cognitive skills based AI.
AI technologies enhances business process performance and bring out the efficiency in service delivery for the businesses.


Automation of Front Office, Back-office and Support Functions
Enterprise data mining, warehousing, analytics and insights through AI, Data Science and ML
Customer Service through Chat Bots
Automation of Time-consuming business processes
Business As Usual tasks and reporting automation
Student assessments automation
Enterprise Information Storage and Management
Decision-Making in Ecommerce Promotions and consumer behaviour analysis

How to be Assured of Achieving Automation Success?

There is a difference between regular IT automation and cognitive automation.

In the case of cognitive automation processes, the system autonomously identifies and self-corrects the problem without any human intervention. This increases the efficiency of operations, limits time and effort and achieves better customer experience.

We are experts in understanding that difference in automation, hand-holds with businesses to identify the most cost and time consuming processes and business critical processes qualified for cognitive automation. This enables the business to put right investment and can see the results in reduction of costs and improved customer satisfaction. This achievement of Automation is measured through business KPIs

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