Cloud Services & Solutions

Transition to the Cloud made easy

We at Covalense Global, understand these challenges of ‘Security & Privacy’, ‘Interoperability, Portability, Scalability’, ‘Reliability & Availability’, ‘Performance’ ‘Co-existence & Integration with legacy Systems’ & ‘System Maintenance’ and bring the total effectiveness to the table by removing the bottlenecks and making right cloud technology choice.



Covalense Global works across all the three major Cloud vendors Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

Microsoft Azure
Azure Services – Applications Development and Data Management
Dynamics 365 – ERP Implementations
Azure Security
Azure Active Directory
Azure Dev-ops
Big Data and Analytics
Serverless computing
Security and Compliance
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Lambda for Serverless computing
Amazon API Gateway
Redshift – Data warehousing
Google Cloud
Big Quer
Google App Engine implementations
Google Cloud Storage

Cloud Migration – Accelerate your business by moving to Cloud

Choosing the right Cloud Services Provider is complex when it comes to inherent business understanding and map it to the available cloud platforms and solutions. We designed an optimum approach which is a successful strategy for business of all sizes:

  1. Steer through the team of customer and analyse the opportunity of cloud
  2. Explain the impact and benefits through workshops
  3. Model the execution and get that real-time working experience
  4. Identify the IT infrastructure, applications and tools which can fit cloud
  5. Assure data security for access, privacy, storage and availability
  6. Design and Develop Cloud solution within the right budgets
  7. Deploy the solution on Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds
  8. Scale the cloud environment as per the demand and business growth
  9. Achieve ROI and KPI inline to business goals
A cloud platform offering strategic business insights to global banks in key data retrieval and presentation
Azure Service Fabric and Enterprise application migration for Energy market
Migration of Labelling solution into Hybrid Cloud for Beverages industry

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