OSS-BSS have always enhanced productivity for service providers in terms of operational efficiency and improved the customer experience and overall profitability and revenues. The nature of technologies and the services offered on those technologies have always been changing and will continue to change. Therefore, the agility of the OSS-BSS solution plays a key role in enabling the service providers to innovate, deliver and monetize new service offering in a very short timeframe

Our OSS-BSS domain experience with strong technology expertise has enabled us successfully delivering multiple OSS-BSS transformation and Greenfield implementations projects. With the right use of technologies and COTS products, Covalense has been delivering high quality and agile solutions, which significantly reduce time to market new services and technologies, at the same time containing the total cost of ownership


Extensive experience in implementation of industry standard business processes for

  • Product Catalogue Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Management
  • Service fulfilment
  • Billing and Revenue Management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Service delivery
  • Sales and service clouds

Solutions for automated service fulfilment, delivery, assurance and monetization
Convergence across all combinations of network technologies, services and lines of business
Deploying best-of-breed OSS-BSS products, Covalense combines in-house expertise and
implementation experience to provide industry standard solutions with successful ROIs
Pre-packaged, Pre-integrated and cloud enabled solutions that help SMEs rollout, monetization and monitor the new services within a very short time
As a member of TM Forum, we have the expertise and experience in delivering solution conforming to standards like Frameworx and TAM
As a member of TM Forum, we have the expertise and experience in delivering solution conforming to standards like Frameworx and TAM


Covalense Test Automation Framework

A workflow designer tool to define the test scenarios.
Large pre-built set of generic tasks widgets, e.g. database lookup, UNIX command executer, web-service invoker, Message listener, etc. with Configurable and Customizable Dashboard.
Product/Domain specific pre-built set of tasks widget, E.g. w.r.t. the billing domain, Create billing Account, Process Usage, Run-billing, Invoicing, along with Order Management, CRM Tools etc.
Tool to specify expected vs. actual result comparison.
Provision to add more task widgets.
Pattern based architecture, allowing easy extensibility and customizability according to the business need.
Provision for executing the test cases through a click of a button from GUI, scheduling at a given day and time or including as part of nightly build.
Persistence of the important parameters of the test execution cycle and test results.
Centralized configuration & Resource adapters and plugins to connect to external systems

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