Automate Business Processes
with Software Robots

automating the business processes.

Digital workforce has changed the way businesses operate

We act as a change agent by automating the business processes. From simple task bots to bots with cognitive abilities, we help our customers achieve increased operational & business efficiencies.

Covalense Global being a product agnostic company, offers services with a single aim to make our customers successful.



High-Cost process areas
Highly repetitive Effort
Error-Prone Areas
Time taking processes
Labor intensive tasks
Scheduled Tasks
Synchronized Tasks



Design patterns for Business
Process modelling – Analyse Business & Operational events Modularity, Extensibility & Scalability
Re-Usable, Stand-alone modules and implementing greater number of process with minimum aditional effort

Layered Architecture
Domain layer,Software bots Layer, Technical layer



RPA Dev Tools & Environments Section
Workflow & Process Designers, API Development Bots Development Attended bots,
unattended bots with cognitive abillities Map business process events with developed boots

Test Automation Bots
Publish Bots into Production

Value Realisation

Higher Quality and Better Compliance
Improved efficiency in
Productivity and Operations
Higher Employee &
Customer Satisfaction
Reduced Costs

Our Successful Solutions

Automation of data collection from disparate systems
Automation of Invoice processing
Automation of Claims consolidation

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